Streamlining Loan Origination and Customer Relationship Management


SIRA Consulting, renowned for its innovative IT solutions, identified the need for a powerful loan origination software with robust CRM capabilities. The existing loan origination processes were cumbersome, leading to inefficiencies and increased costs for lenders. SIRA aimed to develop an in-house solution, LendCRM, that would revolutionize loan origination while enhancing communication and overall efficiency in lending operations.


Leveraging their expertise in developing banking applications, SIRA Consulting introduced LendCRM, a cloud-based loan origination software integrated with a robust CRM system. The solution was meticulously designed to simplify the loan origination process, from lead management to loan servicing. LendCRM enabled lenders to create and customize loan programs, automate sales processes, and nurture relationships with borrowers, brokers, and investors seamlessly.



The implementation of LendCRM by SIRA Consulting marked a significant transformation in the lending industry. Lenders using LendCRM experienced streamlined loan origination, quicker lead processing, and enhanced underwriting capabilities. The software’s advanced loan pricing and underwriting functionalities allowed lenders to calculate interest rates and monthly payments with precision, based on borrower profiles and payment schedules.

With LendCRM, lenders effectively managed loan tapes, verified bank statements, and collected one-time and monthly payments with ease, reducing manual efforts and improving accuracy. The robust CRM features facilitated better borrower engagement and communication, strengthening relationships between lenders and their clients.

LendCRM emerged as a game-changing solution in the lending sector, enabling lenders to originate and service loans seamlessly. SIRA Consulting’s strategic development of this cloud-based loan origination software with integrated CRM capabilities demonstrated their commitment to innovation and excellence in IT services.

The success of LendCRM attracted the attention of other lenders in the market, prompting SIRA Consulting to open the platform for external use. As other lenders adopted LendCRM, SIRA’s in-house project became a widely acclaimed product, offering significant value to the lending community. As LendCRM continues to scale, SIRA Consulting solidifies its position as a leader in delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to transform and optimize the lending industry.