Businesses grow proportionally to their ability act on insights received from their data and analytics team. Google Analytics 360 is one of the most popular tools that large companies or enterprises use to gather data and use it to understand their customers, predict their behavior and drive results.

Google Analytics 360 vs Free

Google Analytics 360(formerly known as Google 360 Premium) is the paid version of the software. Large companies use Google 360 to measure trends, better understand the customer journey and use their data in ways that bolster return on investment.

Besides advanced analytics reporting, Google Analytics 360 differs from the free version in a variety of ways:

  • Dedicated service and technical support
  • Guaranteed data freshness
  • Customizable funnel reporting
  • Attribution modeling
  • Access to unsampled reports
  • Higher limits for data collection
  • Seamless integrations to Google BigQuerySaleforce Marketing Cloudand others

The pricing for the enterprise edition is based on hit volume and requires a call with the Google sales team. Alternately, you can purchase it through a Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner.

How Does Google Analytics 360 Help?

 Google Analytics 360 is designed to help large companies to make sense of a large quantities of data so they can better understand their customers and what they need. Whether a customer interacts from an app or makes an online purchase, Google Analytics 360 can help you track the entire customer journey from start to finish.

Understanding how customers interact with your sites and apps makes it easier to measure trends and predict future customer behavior.

You can use these insights to improve your return on investment, optimizing your marketing performance overall. You use information you learn to create a more personalized experience and reach difference audiences to nudge them further along the marketing funnel.

You can also learn more about customer interests which you can deploy to optimize search and content marketing.

Greater insights about what is working well and not working well means you can quickly pivot to take advantage of opportunities, trends and ideas to streamline your business as they emerge.

In short, Google Analytics 360 turns your digital data into business intelligence.

What Components Are Part of the Google Marketing Platform?

 Google Analytics 360 integrates analytics and advertising data on a single marketing platform. The enterprise edition of Google Analytics 360 works seamlessly with the following modules:

Google Analytics 360 also integrates with other Google products and partner products. An integration with Google BigQuerygives even more flexibility to combine and analyze many different sources of data for further insights.

Data and Analytics for the Business Growth

Are you ready to deploy Google Analytics 360 for your business and have questions about what the next step might be? SiRA Consulting can partner with your team to deploy Google Analytics 360 and help you determine a smart strategy to accelerate your business. Contact us to start a conversation today.